Wichita's Audiology Experts

We all know that maintaining good hearing is an important part of your overall health. Unfortunately, all too often our hearing health is neglected until hearing loss becomes noticeable. Don't wait until hearing loss begins to effect your daily life - call (316) 350-7237 to speak to a hearing expert at Audiology and Hearing Aid today!

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations
  • Auditory Processing Evaluations
  • Assistive Hearing Devices
  • Hearing Aid Service and Repair and More

Let Audiology and Hearing Aid be your one-stop resource for all of your audiology needs. Our audiology experts can perform a comprehensive hearing exam to assess your hearing needs. We can help you determine what hearing devices will work best for you. If you need a hearing aid, we will help you find the hearing aid that is right for you and fit it for maximum comfort. From evaluations to batteries and repairs, Audiology and Hearing Aid has everything you need to improve your hearing.

Don't wait until hearing loss effects your daily life - Call (316) 350-7237 today!


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